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* Once upon a time, there was a boy, surrounded by lots of friends but alone in his heart.

He knew there’s something missing in his life, so he decided to find his love to be happy with.

Many unsuccessful tries, but in a rainy day, he met someone, so simple, so normal, and so lovable!

Thought:” life is a play, I’m just playing, won’t take it serious.”

* It happened again and again, they went out together, went to a movie, went out with friends, Gosh, how beautiful this life can be!

* Next time they went to the mountains, started a fire and laid down under the cloudy sky, She whispered: “In a cold day... when I look for a place to hide, I can`t find any place warmer than your heart. So, please don`t keep me waiting!! it`s too cold outside”

The boy looked her in the eyes and took her in his arms.

* They met days after days; he felt something new inside . . .

He started to like his way to work, his broken car was no matter for him anymore. . .

* Finally, one day when they were sitting beside fire, he was enjoying every second of the moment with closed eyes, felt the warmth of her lips. “No matter what happen next, I won’t let anything or anybody take her from me”

* After a while, when they wanted to pack and go back to town from a wonderful day in mountains, she said: “these days will be last days of our relationship, I’m leaving”

The boy got shocked, he couldn’t even ask why, she continued: “take this toy car, it has companied me for many years, I wanna give my most precious thing to my most precious friend”

He drove her back, listening to his favorite music, cried and cried.

Just scared, what can I do to keep her? Asked for help from friends...no one was there.

* The moon hides itself, the wind stops blowing and the sky has no rain to drop, the boy had cried it all.

Her name had been carved on his heart so he decided to scratch it on his arm, the only way he knew to relieve the inside pain, was to cut himself and bleed the pain out!

Lit the candle he liked, grabbed the knife and CUT! The blood spread out! Oh, this lovely familiar pain! With every drop, he felt lighter & lighter . . .

* - please at least tell me why you are leaving me. . .

 - I must return to the love of my own life, it was a mistake from beginning.

-  . . .

- Stay with me, but as a simple friend, stay . . .

- Do you think it’s easy for me? Do you think I’ll survive this?!

* Love is a Holy matter; just his bad luck, he couldn’t blame her.

“I had no news from her for weeks, I felt lonely and you gave me all the love I needed to have, but now, he’s coming back, I have to choose” she said for her last words.

* He thought loud: “Oh God, now it’s just me and you again, I don’t know what to believe! I heard lies in these past days more than ever! But I like it to be the reason! No other choice . . . Give me a sign . . .

* He left outside alone again, can’t eat, can’t sleep and can’t even breathe while still thinking about her . . .        


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good job man . I liked it, you should keep writing .