Some Sporty news from UK

I’ve got this news early this morning and feel happy to share them here !

As you know my little brother “ Karan “ is in his university waterpolo team in Manchester.

I paste the news here :

“ Hello guys,

Since we have to play Leeds in our BUSA first round matches this year and also they are shaping up to have quite a tasty side, i have decided to select a team for the game. This is not to say everyone is not welcome to come down and watch, there may even be some time in the game for other people, but the side I select will be the players who will get the majority of the game time in this match.
Please don't feel that this is a slight against you if you have not been selected, it’s just I’d like to streamline numbers playing in each game so that i can have a good look at you all. There will be plenty more opportunities to play in matches in the future (there is a minimum game a week pretty much up to the Christmas hols)
Okay enough yapping this is the team for tomorrow:

1.   Conor Quinn                                        10.  Pierre Mari
2.   Alex Tollefon                                       11.  Kyle Baker
3.   Andy Howard                                       12.  James Pritchard (Jonny)
4.   Will Middleton                                    13.  Leander Moores Tanvier
5.   Jake Vincent                                        14.  Andy McAllister (If you are about?)
6.   Lori Peri                                              15.  Joe Priestman
7.   Ian Blyth                                             16.  Andy Drugan
8.   Greg Jackson                                      17.  Karan
9.   George Assimenos
If you can’t make it down please let me know, unfortunately it will have to be by email thought please, i lost my phone on Monday!
 We are meeting at 6.30 (Preferably get there for 6 to watch the girls)
 See you tomorrow,


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kasra jan sooti dadi !!! man ke too time tyldsly hastam o jozve 11 nafaram!!! un ke dadam time uni bood delbandam majid jan...